Re-sell with dotte

Our clothes are designed to last and be passed down, with each piece destined to tell a story. But, as we all know, our kids grow up so fast! And, with those incredible growth spurts, their gorgeous new clothes quickly become too small. So, what do you do with your outgrown indikidual pieces?

You need an easy, quick solution that sees them go to a good new home (and the next). That’s why we’ve teamed up with dotte, a one stop solution for buying and selling on your secondhand gems.

We want to help our community extend the life-cycle of our clothes, so they can be enjoyed again and again by new families.

Our premium quality pieces ensure a culture of passing them on, and our partnership with dotte helps to close the circle.

Why resell with dotte? Reselling your indikidual is one of the most effective ways you can reduce your fashion carbon footprint and have a bigger impact on the planet. It’s SO easy. You can list your items on dotte in 4 simple steps, which takes under 5 minutes and gives you access to thousands of buyers. dotte keep just 15% of the sale price as a fee.

Every person who sells an indikidual item via dotte will receive a unique special discount code with 10% off to spend on something new with us! Therefore allowing you to reinvest the money made from your outgrown kid’s clothes in new long-lasting and sustainably-made clothing.

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